EIFS/Stucco Commercial or Residential
EIFS/Stucco Exterior or Interior
EIFS/Stucco New Installation or Repairs
Stucco Foundations
EIFS trim around windows to replace shudders
EIFS corner stones
Preventative maintenance to Stucco/EIFS systems
Pressure wash with cleaning agent on EIFS/Stucco to remove dirt, debris, & algae buildup
Restoring Stucco & EIFS color by painting with StoColor Lotusan Paint by Sto which is extremely water repellent, with improved resistance to mold, mildew, and algae. This product allows the substrate to breathe naturally and has excellent color retention. You can pick from Sto’s standard colors or pick a custom color.
Caulk the areas where EIFS meets windows, doors, outlets, light fixtures, water faucets, and HVAC pipes with Dow Corning EIFS/Stucco Caulk with matching color
EIFS/Stucco Inspections